Looking for a classic social game?

Fight your way up the ranks of mobsters against millions of players!

What are classic social games?

Classic social games are the ones that connect us in ways we wouldn't have thought possible. For many years, people only had a chance to play against computers. Classic social games brought a new meaning to games because they enabled people all over the world to play together.

To understand what sets social games apart from others, let’s look at one of our most popular games, Mob Wars: LCN. It's surely a fantastic game that you can sink a lot of time into even without the multiplayer aspect. But when we look at what makes Mob Wars: LCN "social" we can see that it lets you recruit friends and grow your own criminal organization. Teaming up with your friends in order to fight other mafia families and complete missions is a lot more fun than playing by yourself! So, classic social games are not just about playing against a real person. It’s also about playing together and building communities.

Here’s a little bit more information on Mob Wars: LCN. It started on Myspace, and later on, it reached massive success on Facebook. It is one of a few old Facebook games that is still alive today with millions of players since 2009. It is considered the pioneer of the old school mafia game genre. Even though Mob Wars: LCN has no relation with Mafia Wars or iMobsters, players sometimes confuse the game based on similar names and features.

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