Zombie Slayer

The world is being overcome by an overwhelming population of the walking dead. It is up to YOU to eradicate the undead!


Monthly Raid Bosses!

Earn tons of XP and have a chance at Superior item drops with fighting unique Raid Bosses every month!

You vs. the World

Join or create a Faction to participate in bi-weekly Faction Wars! Earn achievements, cash, & XP, and rank on leaderboards!

Put rivals on the Hitlist!

Have you been wronged? Take revenge by hitlisting rivals! Put a bounty on their head to show your rivals who is boss.

Game Features

Simple but addicting text based gameplay!

Gritty art!

New game content added weekly!

No Ads!

Slay the Zombie Horde!

Slay the undead in over 40 worldwide locations!

Battle hundreds of super Zombie Bosses!

Play with friends and build factions!

Rank on global and social Leaderboards!

It's survival of the fittest!

Collect thousands of achievements!

Tons of weapons and equipment to equip!

Own properties to expand your reach!

Level up, choose your skills and customize your Slayer!

We like you for your brains!

See what our players are saying about Zombie Slayer!

Awesome! - I usually play on my computer, but it's just as fun on the app. I can play on the go without missing a beat. ^_^
it appears that as each update comes, they improve on a lot on these games. its even improved for talkbalk users like myself and others. awesome job.
awesome game i love it
so far its a zombified mafia wars! loving it
Great experience! Kill zombies!