Looking to play an online text-based game?

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How to Play Online Text-based Games


If you are looking for an exciting game that does not require high-end computers or consoles to play, online text-based games may be for you. This allows you to immerse yourself in a world of countless opportunities. Being text-based doesn’t mean it isn’t as thrilling as video games as these have very fast-paced mechanics that can be fun to play.

How do I play these?

Online-text based games can be played from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. These can be accessed either through a website through an application. Because of this, you can play it almost anywhere.

These mostly rely on clicks and typing from you. There is no need for the complicated and intense button mashing that most video games have. Even with this, it is still highly stimulating and will keep you interested throughout its gameplay. These have been around for a long time and have been popular continuously because of their endless innovations to keep the experience fresh for both old and new players.

These games differ in terms of their exact mechanics, but most of them have essentials in how to play them. If you want to play an online text-based game, here are some of the things you must remember to make learning the game faster.

Select a story you want

The story is the driving force in a text-based game. These are usually based on a familiar genre to make it easier for you to immerse yourself. A famous genre is a crime city filled with different gangsters, mobs, and mafia bosses. Others include a zombie apocalypse, pirates in the sea, and horror genres. By choosing a story you want, you will have more motivation to make your character stronger. This will make it fun to battle enemies like sea monsters, hordes of zombies, and mythological creatures. A story also determines the different elements you will encounter such as the character’s appearances, the weapons you will use, and more.

Create your character

Some text-based games allow you to create a unique character. They will be assigned with a “class” or a predefined trait that has a specialty in the game. This character can be given a unique name for you. This character will be the one that you will level up to allow you to fight more enemies. Characters are given “stats” which are the aspects you should improve to be able to fight harder enemies. For example, you can upgrade your attack, strength, defence, stamina, and more.

Character selection page in Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra

Join a faction

Because it is online, you can easily communicate and play with a lot of players all over the globe. You can create groups and factions with them. This group can then fight with others, gaining bounty and resources in the process. This makes the game more interesting as you would need to develop cooperation among your members and create a game plan. This whole process also allows you to create bonds and close friendships along the way as you would be meeting almost every day. Some games even incentivize you with more rewards when you play with others.

Fight through bosses

These games are designed to have multiple bosses that increase in power. For example, games set in the Wild West will start with simple bandit fights, which will evolve into battles with outlaws with bounties, and more. Fighting this will require you to upgrade your stats to make you more powerful. These games have various mechanics for this such as having turn-based combats, one based on a randomizer, or one where victory is only ensured if you have better weapons. Being able to defeat bosses gives you more resources to continue the story and to further improve your character.

Login daily

Text-based games are updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some of these games come with an energy system that limits how many bosses you can raid in one day, therefore limiting the speed of your progress. By logging in daily, you can ensure that you can play the game as soon as available. This also lets you talk with teammates in the meantime for plotting your next boss fight or simply socializing.

Daily Rewards pop-up of text-based game Mob Wars

Should you pay for these games?

Most online text-based games are free to play. They allow you to access almost all content and be able to play the game like normal without having to spend on anything. However, some offer you the chance to do more activities within a day and quickly level up your character in case you are willing to spend more.


Playing online text-based games is very easy and accessible. To start playing one, simply choose a story that best fits your preferred genre, create a character, and then strengthen them through daily activities. Communicating with a lot of players all around the globe can enhance your experience and make everything much easier.