Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra

Fight your way up the ranks of mobsters against millions of players in the most successful online mafia wars game of all time!


Monthly Raid Bosses!

Earn tons of XP and have a chance at Superior item drops with fighting unique Raid Bosses every month!

You vs. the World

Join or create a Syndicate to participate in bi-weekly Syndicate Wars! Earn achievements, cash, & XP, and rank on leaderboards!

Put mobsters on the Hitlist!

Have you been wronged? Take revenge by hitlisting rivals! Put a bounty on their head to show your rivals who is boss.

+10 Years and counting!

1,000,000+ Players

Gritty Artwork

New game content added weekly!

Dangerous and illegal crimes in over 30 cities!

No Ads!

Rise to the top of the underworld!

Fight powerful mob bosses and real players!

Chat with players from across the world!

Recruit friends and lead a syndicate!

Rank on global and social Leaderboards!

Grow your Mafia Empire!

Collect thousands of achievements!

Thousands of unique weapons, armor and vehicles!

Purchase real estate and grow your underworld empire!

Level up, choose your skills and customize your gangster!

We keep our friends close!

See what our players are saying about Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra!

a perfect game for time wasting its extremely easy to understand once you get the hang of it
I like how your build up your mafia from the ground up
The classic clicking game.
I remember playing games like this back in the Myspace days. Brings back a nostalgic feeling, love how easy it is to play and I've gotten many friends to jjoin my mob. I cannot get enough of this game Love it!!
this game is amazing. I missed out not playing, reminds me of good old mafia wars but more to it. lots of cities for jobs such long list I love it. I'm in a wars syndicate so it's getting fun.