Welcome to Raid Shop+

Raid Shop Plus event banner featuring the title in metallic chrome lettering.

Welcome to Raid Shop+! 

As of June 2023, the Raid Shop has a snazzy new look and some incredible bonus rewards. This Raid event is currently wrapping up in Mob Wars LCN, and we wanted to give everyone a recap on what players can expect to see as Raid Shop+ arrives to our other games throughout the month.

Raid Shop+ is a completely free upgrade to our regular Raid Shop. It provides players with a tiered rewards track that counts the total number of Raid Tokens you've earned throughout the event. As you collect more Tokens, you will unlock bonus rewards on the track! Unlocking items on this new track does not cost Raid Tokens, and spending tokens in the Raid Shop does not impede your progress on the track. Raid Shop+ simply provides players with extra rewards for taking part in Raids!

Additionally, if you've completed the rewards track and collected all the bonus goodies, don't worry! You can still earn more Raid Tokens to spend in the Raid Shop as normal. 

Just like your Raid Tokens, your progress on the track will expire at the end of the event. Make sure to collect all earned rewards from the track before it's too late!

If you're still curious about Raid Shop+, you can check out our FAQ article on the Raid Shop or watch the rerun of our Raid Shop+ Livestream: