Valentine's Day Sale Piggy Bank Walkthrough

Hey all,

With our Valentine's Day Sale starting this Thursday, February 11th, at 9am we'll be rolling out a limited-time Piggy Bank feature to all of the games. This may be a bit different than what you are expecting, so let's go over how the Piggy Bank will work!

Every time you spend FP/UN in the game, a portion of what you spend will be saved in the Piggy Bank up to a pre-set amount.

Once you've reached your limit for the amount of FP/UN you can save in the Bank (make sure to check the Piggy Bank frequently!), you will be able to break it open for free and get all the FP/UN back in your account! The Piggy Bank can be found in the Location header on desktop and in the Store on the mobile app.

Every time you open the Piggy Bank it will "level up", allowing you to save and then claim a larger amount of FP/UN each time. With each rank up, you can save an even higher amount in the Bank and the rate of the portion you're saving each time you use FP/UN increases. The appearance of the Piggy Bank will change every few opens to show that you are ranking higher with the Bank. Once you reach the final level of the Piggy Bank, you can keep breaking it as long as you are able to fill it.

So during this Valentine's Day weekend, every time you use FP/UN make sure to check back with the Piggy Bank and claim your savings for free! If you have any questions about the Piggy Bank, be sure to get in touch with us via Support.