TGIF! Mob Wars LCN Updates for May 31, 2024

Happy Friday, players! 

What a week it has been. Major livestream, new Kano lootcases, bug fixes, game updates and it just keeps going! Thank you for playing and keeping us motivated. No time to waste, so let’s jump into the news of the week!     

In-Game Updates:

Mob Wars LCN Doomsday Prepper Raid Boss Banner

They say he has the best stockpile of weapons, ammo and gear in the country, but still he craves more and more. For when the end times come he will be at the top of the pack with everyone turning to him for all their basic needs. The Doomsday Prepper Raid Boss is eyeing up your inventories and looking to add even more to his own treasure horde. Take on this Raid to earn yourself tons of XP and loot, but keep in mind there is something extra going on during this Raid…

Because the Raid Ranks event has returned! Battling and defeating the Doomsday Prepper Raid Boss will earn you Rank Points and eventually even cause the Boss to rank up! As you take on these harder versions you’ll get the chance to earn Premium Loot drops. That’s not all though, there is even a leaderboard for the event that’ll give out more rewards at the end! Check out all the info you’ll need here - 

Mob Wars LCN Fathers Day Sale Banner

We celebrated Mom last month, so now it’s Dad’s time to shine! Trim that moustache and pour a cold one because the Father’s Day sale is here! Running right now in-game and only until this Saturday June 1st @ 9AM PDT. There are brand new bundles of the Father’s Day item set with Favor Points. The Fatherhood Grill Set is a powerful attack item that’ll be perfect for the coming summer months.

Mob Wars LCN Battle Pass Season 43 Banner

Just a reminder that a brand new season of the Battle Pass has dropped! Season 43 is live now and you can check it out in-game. There are brand new Premium and Free reward tracks to clear and tons of rewards to claim. Check out the exclusive new customization pieces, they’ll really help your account stand out!

Spring Crates Banner Mob Wars

Last week brand new Spring Crates were released! There are all new Legendary items to check out and they will really pack a punch. Reminder that the 3 X Master Crates pack comes with a guaranteed Legendary drop!

Lastly, a reminder that twice a week there are new item drops in-game. Limited Time items on Tuesdays and Limited Quantity on Fridays. Keep an eye out for anything that catches your interest! 

Coming soon!

  • Syndicate Wars Event - Friday June 7th @ 4PM PDT
  • Syndicate Quests Event - Thursday June 13th @ 9AM PDT
  • Weekend Calendar - June 14th @ 10AM PDT

General Updates:


Thank you again to everyone who tuned into our Livestream this week. It was a great time chatting with you all and we hope you enjoyed the brand new Admin Items in the Kano Lootcase! 

In case you missed it, you can watch the stream here - 

We hope to see you next time!

Mob Wars LCN Discord Banner

For our Discord community, every Friday you can join Matthew and the Player Success team for the Discord Stream! On Fridays at 12PM PST (or 3PM EST) you can join us live in our growing Kano Community Discord. Hang out and find out what’s happening next in our games, and who knows, you may just win yourself a prize of bonus FP or an exclusive item! 

You can ask us questions about the game and let us know what you’d like to see in the future - Check out the Discord here: 

We recently released a new method for players to acquire Favor Points through a system called Rev U. By completing tasks, such as making progress in a game or by filling out a survey, players can start earning extra FP for their account! You can access it from the Godfather page and our FAQ post here has all the details you’ll need -

For our Mobile App players, we now have a new option for purchasing Favor Points, the Xsolla Webstore! Not only does it support more payment methods than what was previously available, but you’ll also have access to exclusive larger bundles of FP! You can find more info in our FAQ post along with the link.

Mob Wars LCN


A reminder to our players about completing the Kano ID account upgrade. Eligible players (Facebook/Server 1 players) will see the banner on their homepage in-game near the top and it should only take a couple minutes. There are wonderful benefits to doing so:

  • 25 FP bonus for signing up
  • Secure your account (protection against potential loss of your Facebook or Mobile credentials)
  • Switch between devices or logging onto other Kano hosted sites
  • Specials offers on Kanoplay  

You can read more details here in our FAQ -  

# of Accounts Penalized/Suspended:


Lame Joke of the Week: 

Where do surfers learn to surf? 

At boarding school!