TGIF! Game Updates for October 30, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! We've got a couple things to scare up for you before we’re through October, so read on to find out what’s new this past week in gaming updates!

In-Game Events

Halloween is a real treat! Take advantage of our Special Halloween Sale in Viking Clan and treat yourself to exclusive deals and item bundles!

From now until October 31st at 9:00 am Pacific, you'll get Specialty Limited Items with purchases of FP Packs!

Log in and discover your exclusive deals!

The result of a ritual gone horribly wrong or a punishment from the gods for engaging in forbidden practices? Only Odin knows the origin of the Skinwalker for sure, but you’ve had enough of this misshapen monster terrorizing your clan!

Gather your fellow Vikings for a Halloween hunt and take on the Skinwalker Raid Boss this weekend only for new Superior items and achievements!

Next week in Pirate Clan, the Raid Bounty event returns with new Mythic items for you to acquire!

Battle Royale Out Now in Pirate Clan, Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer!

In case you missed our tease last week and the News posts earlier this week, we released the Battle Royale mode to the above three games! This mode had been in Mob Wars: LCN for a while but now everyone can get in on the free-for-all action.

We started Battle Royale in “Practice Mode” so everyone can get the hang of it, but now we’ve switched over to the main gametype for this season, Endurance Mode! Make sure to brush up on how to succeed in this contest and give Battle Royale a try if you haven’t already.

Kano ID Released to Mob Wars: LCN

Mob Wars: LCN players might have seen the new white banner on their homepage this week advertising Kano ID; this is our new unified login system that will provide you with better access to your account and some other bonuses on Kano Play.

Make sure to sign up for Kano ID if you haven’t already (this applies for the other games as well!) and if you run into any trouble please contact Support.

Xsolla Payment Option Now Available on Kano Play

As a final note to cap off this bursting-at-the-seams update, we’ve updated our payment processing options to use Xsolla, exclusively on Kano Play. Xsolla supports many different payment options, including PayPal which we know players have been requesting to use for some time. 

Don’t worry, Stripe isn’t going anywhere on Kano Play, and Xsolla will open up a lot more options for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about using Xsolla on Kano Play, please us know via Support!

Next Week's Admin Blitz Event

Next week, we'll be holding an Admin Blitz in Pirate Clan! If you're around on the following date, make sure to drop by and nab some sweet cash off of some Kano folk:

Tuesday, November 3: Pirate Clan server 1 @ 3:00 pm Pacific and Pirate Clan server 2 @ 3:30 pm Pacific.

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Lame Joke of the Week:

Why do vampires need to use mouthwash?

Because they have bat breath!