TGIF! Game Updates for March 8, 2024

Happy Friday, players! 

Kano HQ has been wildly busy this week and we have so much info to share. From a brand new Fight List setting, to the Raid Bounties event in LCN and even a big Livestream coming today! There is so much to cover, so without further ado, let’s jump into it!     

In-Game Updates

Mob Wars LCN Dublin Shakedown Raid Boss Banner

They travelled over from Ireland and pulled up to Mob Wars LCN to handle their business and they’re known for leaving a mark. The Dublin Shakedown Raid Boss has infiltrated and their goal is total control of the booze business. Gather your Raid Party and prepare for a tough fight ahead of you. Defeated Raid Bosses will grant you tons of XP and an item drop, but that’s not all for this week’s Raid…

That’s because the Raid Bounties event has returned to Mob Wars LCN! During this Raid event there are a series of Bounties placed against the Dublin Shakedown Raid Boss. Complete the condition and claim the Bounty to get a reward. On top of that there is an event leaderboard that you’ll climb as you collect Bounties. Finish as high as possible to earn extra bonus rewards. There are more details on the event here -   

Good luck Mobsters!   

Mob Wars LCN St. Pats Sale Banner

While the fight for control and power rages on, it is also important to take a break, pull some friends together and head down to the local pub for a few cold ones. That’s because the St. Pat’s Sale is here in Mob Wars LCN and it’s time to celebrate with brand new bundles of items and Favor Points! It is available right now in-game and will end on Saturday March 9th at 9AM. The Galway Blade is a powerful attack heavy weapon that will give you the edge in your upcoming battles. 

Viking Clan Prestige Location Banner

A new Prestige Location has just been released in Viking Clan: Hel's Rising! Eligible Vikings can now take on Bronze Tier Adventures to earn bonus XP, Coin, SP, and Prestige Coins. Learn more about Prestige Locations here: 

This week in Mob Wars LCN, Viking Clan, Pirate Clan and Zombie Slayer we released a brand new feature for player’s Fight Lists, Skirmish Mode! Enable this option in your Fight Settings and you'll start showing up on your friend's Fight Lists (without the need to unfriend each other). It's a great way to have a more active and refreshed Fight List. Have fun and contact support with any questions! 

We also have a small update around the Max Cash ideas we discussed with the community in our Discord about a month ago. This was around the proposed changes such as a hard cap being implemented. In case you missed it, after speaking with players and receiving feedback we will NOT be moving forward with any changes at this time. Hearing from players on this was extremely helpful in our decision making and our development team will be looking at different options for Cash in the future that are in line with what players want. 

Thanks again and remember you can always reach us in Support (email -, plus join our Discord ( for great discussions! 

Pirate Clan Armada Quest Banner

The Armada Quest event is live now in Pirate Clan! Gather your Armada members and work your way through 6 quests to earn Loot Chests. Remember that Medium and Hard quests will reward Favor Points based on your contributions.

A couple other extra updates to mention. Across all four games, we recently released a new method for players to acquire Favor Points through a system called Rev U. By completing tasks such as making progress in a game or by filling out a survey, players can start earning extra FP for their account! You can access it from the Godfather page and our FAQ post here has all the details you’ll need - 

For our Mobile App players, we now have a new option for purchasing Favor Points, the Xsolla Webstore! Not only does it support more payment methods than what was previously available, but you’ll also have access to exclusive larger bundles of FP! You can find more info in our FAQ posts along with the links.

Mob Wars LCN 

Viking Clan - 

Pirate Clan -  

Zombie Slayer - 

Lastly, Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer, your Guild/Faction War events begin today. VC players can dive in now (10AM PDT), while the ZS event begins at 4PM (PDT). Rally your team and make sure you’re all enrolled before it kicks off. Battle hard for the best rewards and good luck!

General Updates

Livestream Header March 2024

Surprise! Instead of our usual Discord Livestream today you can join Ben and Matthew for a major Livestream over on our YouTube and Facebook pages! There is lots to chat about from Raid Bounties to the brand new Skirmish mode, plus rumors are there may even be a reward for those that tune in. Catch it today (or view the video later) March 8th at 12PM (PST) - 

See you there! 

Kano ID Banner

A reminder to our players about completing the Kano ID account upgrade. Eligible players (Facebook/Server 1 players) will see the banner on their homepage in-game near the top and it should only take a couple minutes. There are wonderful benefits to doing so:

  • 25 FP bonus for signing up
  • Secure your account (protection against potential loss of your Facebook or Mobile credentials)
  • Switch between devices or logging onto other Kano hosted sites
  • Specials offers on Kanoplay  

You can read more details here in our FAQ -  

Admin Blitz Event

Viking Clan Admin Blitz Banner

Next week join us for an Admin Blitz event in Viking Clan! If you're around on the following date, make sure to drop by & nab some sweet Coin off of the Kano folk. Watch out for the group chats that get posted beforehand and remember to bump up those Admins Killed and Listed stats. 

Admin Blitz events will now also have a special Kano item giveaway, so don’t miss out! We hope to see you there on: 

Tuesday, March 12th - Viking Clan Server 1, Server 2, and the Kongregate & Armor Servers @ 3:00 PM (PDT).

# of Accounts Penalized/Suspended:


Lame Joke of the Week: 

Why did the leprechaun bring a ladder to the bar? 

Because he heard the drinks were on the house!