TGIF! Game Updates for March 24, 2023

Happy Friday, players!

We started seeing some nice weather start this week over in BC, but it has now been replaced with the usual rain. However, fret not because rain isn’t stopping the Kano train from bringing you the latest updates. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

In-Game Events

pirate clan Medusa raid boss banner

Pirates, prepare yourselves and avert your eyes because the legendary creature from Greek mythology has returned to Pirate Clan, Medusa! With a head full of venomous snakes and the ability with one glance to turn any person to stone, this Raid Boss will require a full crew to take them down! This week though Medusa isn’t the only factor to keep in mind, because the Raid Bounty event has returned.

At the start of the Raid Bounty event Davy Jones has placed a series of bounties on the Medusa Raid Boss. Whenever you complete one of the bounties during the Raid event you can claim your prize. This round there has also been an event leaderboard added with special prizes at the end for the top players. Good luck and more info is available here -       

Just a reminder for Viking Clan players, your Raid Bounty collection is available now in-game. Claim your hard fought rewards!

pirate clan saint patricks day sale banner

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone in Pirate Clan and to celebrate the St. Pat’s Sale is live now! Save on exclusive bundles that will be available until tomorrow March 25th at 9AM (PDT). The Reptile Tricksterdile is an all-around great matey to add to your crew as you explore the seven seas! 

mob wars lcn atlantic city location banner

This week saw the release of a brand new location to Mob Wars LCN, Atlantic City! Jobs and Properties are live now, so hop in and check it out.  

In other location news, next week in Mob Wars LCN and Viking Clan Prestige Locations are launching! We’ll share more specifics next week closer to release, but we can’t wait for players to check out this anticipated new feature.

One other note for next week, across all 4 games it’ll be Blitz week! Keep your eyes peeled for an increased amount of Blitz events that will be running all week long.   

mob wars lcn syndicate quest banner

Mob Wars LCN players, you have a Syndicate Quest event on right now! Gather your Syndicate members and complete all six Quests to earn Loot Cases. Remember that the Medium and Hard Quests will reward Favor Points based on your contributions. 

Lastly, Zombie Slayer and Viking Clan your Faction/Guild War events are on today. ZS players can hop into it now and VC will begin later today at 4PM (PDT). Battle hard and good luck!

General Updates

Next week you can catch us on Friday for the Discord Livestream! Every single Friday at 12:00PM PDT (or 3:00PM EDT) you can join us live in our growing Kano Community Discord. Hang out and find out what’s happening next in our games, and who knows, you may just win yourself a prize of bonus FP or an exclusive item!

Discord is a great place to hangout with the Player Success Team and connect with other players in-game -> You can ask us questions about the game and let us know what you’d like to see in the future - Check it out here: 

Admin Blitz Event

zombie slayer admin blitz banner

Next week join us for an Admin Blitz event in Zombie Slayer! If you're around on the following date, make sure to drop by & nab some sweet coin off of the Kano folk. Watch out for the group chats that get posted beforehand and remember to bump up those Admins Killed and Listed stats. 

Admin Blitz events will now also have a special Kano item giveaway, so don’t miss out! We hope to see you there on: 

Tuesday, March 28th - Zombie Slayer Server 1, Server 2, and the Kongregate & Armor Servers @ 3:00 PM (PDT).

# of Accounts Penalized/Suspended:


Lame Joke of the Week: 

Why was Cinderella so bad at soccer? 

She kept running away from the ball!