Special Calendar Event Walkthrough - Pirate Clan

Tomorrow we’ll be running a special one-off Calendar to try out some changes to this long-standing minigame. 

The basics of the Calendar will be what you’re used to: over the weekend from May 29, 10 am to June 1, 10 am, you’ll get Keys to unlock doors and when you open all the doors of a Calendar you’ll get the ending prize and be able to start another.

The difference this time is that you can hold multiple Keys at one time and Calendar doors will take multiple Keys to open. Each Calendar door will specify how many Keys it will take to unlock. Starting doors will only take a few Keys, but by the end of the Calendar the doors will require more Keys. You’ll get the reward for the door, like XP, Gold, or the Single Hit Payout, when the door is opened, not on each Key use.

Much like the regular Weekend Calendar, you’ll get a free Key every 30 minutes, but with this Calendar we’ll roll multiple times for a Key to drop so you can potentially get a few free Keys instead of just one. You can still ask for Help or use FP to buy Keys like a regular Calendar. The cost to purchase Keys with FP has been reduced as well, starting with 3 extra Keys for 2 Favor Points.

You’ll start with 3 Keys, and you can hold a maximum of 5 free Keys. There is no maximum on Keys purchased with FP that you can hold in addition to the 5 free Keys.

That’s the jist of the changes, so tomorrow, May 29 at 10 am, hop into the Tree Top Calendar and give it a go! If you have any questions or feedback, make sure to contact us through Support to let us know.