Raid Bounty Walkthrough - Viking Clan

From now until May 22 you will work through Raid Bounties as you battle the Jotnar Assault.

Bounties come in Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and cover Attack, Heals and Collects. For each level of Bounty, you’ll earn different types of items starting at Common for Bronze, Superior for Silver and new Mythic items for Gold!

Collect Bounties consist of collecting the rewards for a defeated Raid, so make sure that you are alternating between collecting Raids and completing Collect Bounties when they are finished to make the most efficient progress!

Bounties have three levels of difficulty in Bronze and Silver, each signified by a number of stars: one being the easiest Bounty and three being the most difficult. While there is only one Gold Bounty for each category, these repeat indefinitely and double each time so you can do them as much as you’re able to within the time frame.

Head over to the "Raid Bounty" page on the Boss tab to see what you need to do to earn these rewards!

Some important notes to remember:

  • Each difficulty level before Gold has three levels you need to work through before the next will unlock. So you’ll need to do Bronze Attack Bounties through difficulty 1 to 3 stars before Silver 1 star unlocks and so forth. 
  • Progress on the next Bounty level will not start until you collect your current Bounty in that category, so make sure you're checking and collecting your Bounties.
  • You can hover over the Bounty icons on the Location image to get a count of your current progress.
  • Raid Bounties end when the last summoned Raid Boss disappears, so you have until noon on May 22 to complete them.