Pirate Clan Raid Shop Walkthrough

Medusa returns with a rejuvenated Raid Shop!

From now until the end of the event, you will earn Raid Tokens as you battle Medusa.

Every 1,000 actions (both Heals/Attacks count) will earn you a single Raid Token which may be used to purchase items in the Raid Shop!

There are new Mythic items to earn which are stronger than the Superiors and can only be bought with Raid Tokens. You can access the Raid Shop by clicking on the "Raid Shop" tab on the Bosses page.

We've also added unique Raid Loot Cases that will drop an assortment of Raid items, including a shot at the Mythic items in the Superior and Upgraded Cases if you're lucky!

You may also buy a Raid Token Boost to double your progress towards tokens to earn them faster. Head over to the Raid Shop now to maximize your earnings!

Some important notes:

  • Each time you purchase an item in the Raid Shop it will become more expensive.
  • Raid tokens EXPIRE – so make sure you use them up before April 5th at noon!
  • The Raid Bosses themselves function like they normally do, so get out there and attack!
  • Any questions or concerns? Let us know via Support (https://support.kanoapps.com/)

Also new to this Raid Boss is the addition of filtering! On the Raid tab under Helper Raid Bosses, we've added a variety of catergories in a drop-down that will allow you to better sort the various Raids you're helping in.

The default that you've been using over all the other Raids is "Date Joined", "Low to High" so if you want to return your Raid list to what you've been used to seeing, select that (see the picture below for the example).