New Armada Feature: Civil War

It’s time to fight your Armada mates! 

Tomorrow morning we’ll be enabling a new Armada feature called the “Civil War” which will allow you to optionally partake in Battle actions against your Armada members if they’re also in your Clan.

This is an optional toggle that Leaders and Officers can enable in the Armada settings; you don’t have to turn this feature on if you don’t want to. 

Once Civil War is enabled, if you’re in the same Armada as someone else, and you’re in each other's Clan and are within each other’s Level range for Battles, you’ll be able to undertake Player vs Player actions against one another!

With Civil War on, if you meet the above requirements you’ll appear on each other’s Battle list, show up on Rivals and engage in PvP actions from each other’s profiles. Additionally, these actions will also earn you Battle GamerPoints!

When this feature is enabled tomorrow morning (we’ll send out a News post), be sure to check it out! If you have any questions or feedback about Civil War, let us know through Support.