Mob Wars: LCN Raid Boss Double Feature!

Hey Mobsters,

We've got some information for you regarding this week's Raid Boss and next week's Black Friday events.

This coming Thursday, November 19th, the Rum-Runner Raid Boss will return with the Raid Bounty event in tow. This Raid Boss will start three hours earlier than you are used to, so this Raid will begin at 6:00 am Pacific time (9:00 am Eastern time).

Don't worry, you'll still have the full amount of time to battle the Rum-Runner and complete Raids, but all summoned Raids (and the Bounties) will stop at 9:00 am on Friday, November 27th - again, three hours earlier than normal.

The reason for this is that we have a brand new Raid Boss being rolled out at 9:00 am on November 27th! What is this new Raid Boss you ask? Well, you'll have to stick around and find out. 

November 27th will also be the day of our big Black Friday sale, so we'll have plenty of amazing deals for you as well.

For a quick recap, the Raid Boss on November 19th will start three hours earlier at 6:00 am Pacific and will be a Raid Bounty event. All summoned Raids and the Bounties will end at 9:00 am Pacific on November 27th, at which point a new Raid Boss will be available.

We're excited to get these Raids out to you all, and if you have any questions about the timing of these events, make sure to get in touch with us via Support.