Introducing the Battle Pass!

Hey all,

Tomorrow we're going to be releasing a brand new feature, the Battle Pass, to Mob Wars: LCN!

The Battle Pass is a limited time, recurring feature where every new Season you will be able to earn exclusive rewards for completing Challenges and playing the game!

When the Battle Pass starts on March 3rd at 9 am, everybody will be able to get rewards from the Free track. To get the Premium track and earn more frequent rewards and prizes, you will need to purchase access to it.

To progress through the Battle Pass tiers, you will complete Challenges to earn Battle Pass XP. There are a few fixed Challenges to start, with a new random one being added every day so your Challenge list will look slightly different from somebody else's.

Each Challenge completion will grant you XP for the Battle Pass. You can repeat the Challenges after you complete them, but every subsequent completion will net you less XP each time so it's better to focus on new Challenges or ones you haven't completed.

As mentioned above, the Battle Pass will run for a limited time. Make sure to claim your rewards before the Battle Pass ends, because once it is gone and the next season starts, those rewards will leave!

All rewards from the Battle Pass are permanent except for the exclusive Chat color, which refreshes with each new Battle Pass season.

Join us for a livestream on the Mob Wars: LCN Facebook page today at noon for an introduction and walkthrough for the feature!