Introducing Battle Royale: Endurance Season!

Battle Royale returns from its brief hiatus with a new Season, rewards and rule set!
In the new Season - Endurance - we'll be tweaking some of the established rules for Battle Royale to keep the gameplay fresh as well as introducing more drops for the winner to earn.

The main theme of this Season will be the increased focused on attacking your opponents. The larger percentage of drops will come from attacks as opposed to kills, so if you want to be earning in-mode drops like equipable items and Med-Kits, you'll need to be constantly swinging! To help with this, we've made a change that will allow you to use Vitality boosts at 49/50 Vitality or less instead of 24/50.

Along with these changes, we're also refreshing the selection of winner items that will be awarded when a victor emerges. These items are a tip of the fedora to classic mobster accouterments so if you want to add these to your inventory, get in there and get fighting!