Fight Gameplay Update Now Live

In last week's TGIF, we let you all know that this week we were prepping an update for the game concerning attacks on Dead/Hospitalized players. This change is now live in the game. In case you missed last week's post about this, you can read it below:

A consistent point of feedback we get from players via support or the NPS surveys we have in-game is that they feel like they are being targeted as soon as they come online. We get that this can lead to frustrating gameplay, so next week we'll be releasing a change to will rein in excessive repeated attacks on Dead/Hospitalized players.

After a certain amount of attempts within a 24 hour period you will be charged 1 stamina per failed attempt and will be notified in the fight response that this has occurred.  This cost per attack will apply on a per opponent basis.

Similar to the Ambush tax change that we introduced near the end of last year, the goal of this change is not to stymie normal gameplay but rather to keep an even playing field by making targeted updates to game mechanics where it makes sense.

We'll continue to work on improving the games to make a fair and fun experience for all with further updates like these throughout the year so keep the feedback coming!