Creating and Managing Your Own Social Experience

Creating long-lasting social connections have been at the core of our games for the last 11 years, but based on player feedback, it is evident that public chat does not provide an experience that many players enjoy.

We have created tools for players to curate the experiences they want, by creating public or private chat groups and adding officers to help manage those chat groups.

These chat groups can be used in a variety of ways, here are some examples:

If you like to fight other players then you can create a chat group to encourage this with active player links available to target. 

If you want to socialize and make new friends, you can create a chat group where you make the rules!  As an example we have had players create private chat groups that recreate the feeling of the Lounge but with the ability to moderate it to their liking.

Event based groups - Have you ever shared a link to a Raid Boss and then had players not do enough damage to help? Players have begun to create Raid-based chat groups where links are shared and there is a minimum actions or damage requirement to stay in the group. 

This is a brand new way to completely customize your social experience in-game. Your group, your rules!

The next step in evolving your chat experience will be to add to the World Chat to include exciting game event updates like Lottery winnings, Battle Royale victories, Bounty Blitz results and more.

To help keep this channel focused on building social connections through purpose-made chat groups and keeping players informed on what’s going on around the games, we’ll be keeping the amount of posting that can happen in World Chat in check.  

If you want more information on chat groups, click the link below: