Battle Royale Returns in Mob Wars: LCN!

Hey Mobsters,

The Battle Royale returns tomorrow with some differences from the last time it was available. We hope you’ve been tuning your skills in the Practice Mode because it’s about to go down!

The biggest change for the Battle Royale in its new form is that joining a match no longer costs Favor Points up front. Instead, you’ll be wagering Stamina as your entry cost.

The Stamina for entry defaults to 1, but with a slider you can ratchet that up to 1,000 or whatever your current max Stamina is. This amount of Stamina you wager doesn’t change anything inside the match itself, that still plays the same, but what it does affect is your winning payout of XP. 

The more Stamina you put in, the more you can win depending on your placement from 1st all the way to 50th. There will be a window in the lobby that will show you your potential payout based on the amount of Stamina you’re wagering so you know what you’ll get ahead of time if you win.

When a new Battle Royale lobby is created, a timer will start for five minutes and the match will then begin when 50 players have joined, or when 5 minutes have elapsed, whichever comes first.

We’ve also added a variety of Achievements for the regular Battle Royale and refreshed the items you can potentially get from winning so make sure to get in there and duke it out!