Attack and Heal Combo for Raid Bosses

Hey all,

Tomorrow in Zombie Slayer we’re going to officially introduce the Attack/Heal Combo to Raid Bosses. What is the Attack/Heal Combo and where do you use it? Read on to find out.

On a Raid Boss fight, there will be a new button on the left side over the time remaining and party info boxes that will allow you to switch between the current Attack and Heal buttons and the new Combo slider.

When you click that button, it will pop up a new section that will allow you to drag a slider to what your preferred Stamina and Energy allocation is. Then, hit the Attack & Heal button and the game will automatically Attack the Raid Boss and Heal the party in one go! Pretty handy.

You can switch back and forth between manual and Combo at any time. The Combo button is for ease of use, and if you want to manually dial in your Stamina and Energy usage per Attack or Heal, we recommend using the regular buttons.

The game will match the Stamina and Energy spent to keep your party at the same Health that it was when you clicked the button. This still gives you the maximum amount of XP for your actions, but it makes it a bit easier to keep your party Healed up while attacking. 

The slider adjusts both Stamina and Energy at the same time to avoid any situations where you would be underutilizing your Stamina or Energy compared to the other.

Go ahead and give the Combo a try tomorrow when the Raid Boss starts at 9 am Pacific in Zombie Slayer! If you have any questions about the Combo, let us know in Support.