Armada Raids Walkthrough

Armada Raids is a new type of Raid Event where you’ll be working with the rest of your Armada to summon special new Raid Bosses and compete to see how many of them you can kill over the event to earn spots on the leaderboard!

Spots on the leaderboard will include a grand prize for being in First Place, along with prizes for placing in the remaining brackets. Make sure to coordinate with your team and do actions all event long to Summon and bank those Armada Raid Bosses!

During this event there will be  regular Raid Bosses like normal that can be shared with anyone, but every time your Armada collectively does a certain amount of actions across all of its members (this is tracked on the Raid Boss tab) you will automatically summon a Armada Raid Boss that is only open to members of your Armada.

When the Armada Raid Boss is summoned, make sure to go and do an action such as Attacking or Healing on the Armada Raid so you get added to the list of participants and can claim your rewards. Armada Raid Bosses will have stronger drops than the regular Raid Bosses, but the greatest prizes will come from the leaderboard placement Achievements!

As you will continue to do actions on Raid Bosses throughout the event, you will fill up the bar to summon Armada Raids. If you already have a Armada Raid in progress, you will “bank” Armada Raids so as soon as one dies another one will be summoned automatically.

Armada Raids can continue to be summoned and killed after the Raid Bosses “end” on Monday at noon, but the whole event ends on Friday at noon.

A quick note about this event, if you leave your current Armada when there is a Armada Raid in the process of being killed, you will lose access to that Raid Boss and its rewards. Make sure to stay in a Armada until you have at least collected on the current Armada Raid.

That’s the gist of it: when the Raid Bosses start September 9th at 9:00 am Pacific, do actions, summon Armada Raids, kill them to place on the leaderboard and compete for those Achievements!