Ambush Updates for Pirate Clan, Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer

Today we'll be releasing a change to the Ambush (or Counter-Attack) feature in the above three listed games. Mob Wars: LCN has had this change for a while now, so if you happen to play that game as well you should already be familiar with it.

The change is that if you have the maximum number of Ambushes set against another player (this varies from game to game, but for this example let's say 10) and you continue to try and set Ambushes over that maximum amount then the cost to place those Ambushes will ramp up considerably.

Couple things to note here, you can have mutlitple Ambushes set against many other players at once and not worry about hitting this cost ramp. This only applies to trying to set multiple ambushes on top of the max against one player at a time. Also, it takes a number of attempts in order for this cost ramp to set in, so if you click Ambush a few times then you won't see any noticeable difference.

As with all of our updates, if you have any concerns or questions please contact us via Support.