Viking Clan

Battle other players and forge alliances in this free text-based RPG! Become the best viking the Nine Realms have ever seen!


Monthly Raid Bosses!

Earn tons of XP and have a chance at Superior item drops with fighting unique Raid Bosses every month!

You vs. the World

Join or create a Guild to participate in bi-weekly Guild Wars! Earn achievements, cash, & XP, and rank on leaderboards!

Bounty Your Enemies!

Have you been wronged? Take revenge by putting a bounty on your rivals! Show your rule!

Game Features

500,000+ Players

Beautiful Artwork

New game content added weekly!

Hundreds of adventures across the 9 worlds of Norse Mythology!

No Ads!

Prove yourself worthy of Valhala!

Battle dozens of bosses, from mythical beasts to Norse Gods!

Fight and raid against MILLIONS of real players!

Play with friends and form Guilds!

Rank on Leaderboards across multiple categories!

Build an empire!

Collect thousands of achievements!

Hoard thousands of weapons and warriors!

Purchase property and grow your income!

Level up, choose your skills and customize your Warrior!


See what our players are saying about Viking Clan!

I love this app I have been playing Viking Clan for approximately 10 years it just gets better all the time
It's a great time killer and distraction when needed
I found this game and it brings me good memories
A great way to socialize with people across the pond and take your frustrations out on each other
It is fun and challenging...
i like that we can choose how we want to play & that the 'events' don't get to be like work.

Choose your weapons, allies and battles wisely. Claim what is yours by the blade of your axe and the strength of your hammer! Challenge rivals, slay savage beasts, loot villages, plunder the High Seas, take a journey to the Ocean’s Edge and build your empire!

Don’t forget, bravery is half of the victory. Be fearless, be greedy and be careful. Learn from the mistakes of others and let another’s wounds be your warning. You will not have a second chance!

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